Decision Making Process: 

“Analysis and projection of the simultaneous and multi-dimensional games of chess in any business, political, social, or other relationship.”
David P. Michaels


INTRODUCTION by David P. Michaels

Professor Sir Alan Walters, former personal economic advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and credited with being an architect of the 1980’s renaissance of the economy of the United Kingdom, honored me, not only with his friendship, but also with his sound advice over many years. In particular, he encouraged me to state what I thought about certain economic and financial sector issues, notwithstanding that some of my statements were considered contrarian and others, confrontational. Alan always said, “You must have the courage of your convictions even if it subjects you to unpopularity in certain sectors … and more so when you are proven correct.”

David P. Michaels has over thirty-five years of experience as a personal advisor and mentor to Heads of State; Chairman, Presidents, and CEO’s of international entities. He has served as a consultant to major private sector corporations, governmental entities and political leaders on matters associated with business, economic and political restructuring, strategic problem resolution and the related financial and economic negotiations.

With a divergent problem solving capability and ability to synthesize highly complex issues into workable solutions, he has spearheaded dynamic and critical innovation in business, financial, and economic development. Notably, he is credited with a number of initiatives that substantially contributed to the sovereign debt restructuring during the late 1980’s, and of anticipating the concepts behind the Brady Plan and the Enterprise for the Americas programs.

Mr. Michaels contributes to the policy and strategic planning debates through commentaries and publications on strategic business/financial/economic development, international debt, trade, and investment. He is the elected President of the Foreign Press Association in the USA. Founded in 1918, the Foreign Press Association represents about 400 members of the foreign media based in the United States of America.

He has represented a number of select global brands in the communications, defense, security and financial sectors, and also advised law enforcement entities and litigation professionals on matters involving fraud, corruption, and illegal international transactions.

His private activities include participation in a number of organizations including: The St. George’s Society of New York, (America’s leading British charity, founded 1770, provides support and assistance to distressed, elderly and sick persons of British and Commonwealth descent); Member, and former Chairman of The St. George’s Honours Committee; English Speaking Union – Inauguration of The Margaret Thatcher Series of Lectures; Chairman Emeritus & Founder of the Uruguayan American Chamber of Commerce in the United States, (through a joint initiative with His Excellency Dr. Julio Sanguinetti during his first term as President of the Republic of Uruguay); Founder of the Humanity-Without-Borders Foundation. (This educational Foundation is based on the principles of HUMAN BEINGS BEING HUMAN,™ and acts as a catalyst for the opening of new doors and initiatives for conflict resolution and de-fusing racial, religious, and cultural hatreds fermented by religious and/or political disinformation and misrepresentation).

David Michaels is authoring, (with Capt. Julian J. Mitchell C.B.E., Royal Navy [retired], British Naval Attaché in Argentina from 1980 to 1982), “Dust on the Chess Board” – a fictionalized insight into the activities of major global industries in geopolitical affairs between 1977 and 1982, with an alternative view of events leading to the Falklands War. Mr. Michaels also enjoys reading books on a diverse selection of subjects, and playing backgammon. He is married to Teresita C. D’Alessandro, formerly of Montevideo, Uruguay. They reside in New York City, and rest in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Clubs: Royal Naval Club & Royal Albert Yacht Club (UK)