What Others Say


"…. During my 18 years as a financial journalist, dealing with international economic problems, and specifically with the problem of Third World debt, I have rarely encountered an individual with such a keen insight into the problems of Third World debt and the relationship of the ‘have and have not’ countries as Mr. Michaels …. Mr. Michaels’ unique ability to analyze complicated economic problems and to explain those problems in an acceptable fashion to the conservative regimes of the banking countries of the North and to the hard-pressed Third World regimes of the South, have made him a preeminent figure in the realm of Third World debt restructuring…."
Gordon W. Platt Financial Editor The Journal of Commerce


"…. continuous innovative efforts to provide practical and effective contributions to the global debt and economic problem …. to be commended for their lucidity and effectiveness."
Jean-Francois Thiollier Consul General of France


"…. David’s proposals …. serious, original, workable, and potentially beneficial to the host countries involved … He has a unique understanding of the issues involved and a unique enthusiasm to put that knowledge to work in a creative and constructive way…. Many of his ideas anticipated the concepts behind the Brady Plan and the Enterprise for the Americas programs launched by the Bush [Senior] administration."
Ernest S. McCrary Bureau Chief South America McGraw-Hill


"David Michaels’ dynamism and vision will ensure the success of the Foundation …."
Laurance Allen Publisher Harvard Business Review


"…. has been working ‘outside the box’ long before most people knew there was one."
Joe Lauria Emerging Markets Reporter Bloomberg News



"An accomplished international professional with superior leadership and political skills"

"Crafting strategic political and commercial alliances; spearheading dynamic and critical innovation in business and economic development; and divergent problem solving capabilities, are principal components of his expertise"

"Excellent at synthesizing highly complex issues into workable solutions, and directing multi-task assignments"

"An ability to undertake confidential strategic assignments requiring an advanced level of initiative and innovation"

"Equipped with creative investment, financial and marketing expertise"